about jan and what i make

welcome to my new blog! My name is Jan and am a mature (well, in age, anyway), crafty woman. I am a stay at home mom who loves to be creative, especially in new and different ways.  I got sucked into Pinterest, but now am trying to wean myself from pinning and scrolling their website.  I am going to try to take some of what I have discovered there and hopefully use my imagination to look around me and see what projects I can actually accomplish in my own home.  Right now I have about 900 pins, and I have only actually completed a handful of them.  As I do some of these things, whether it be repaint an old trunk, make some coasters, or try a new recipe that I have probably modified, I will share them here.  I will also add comments about how difficult the process was, and tips on making it easier/better/cheaper/faster.